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9 Natural Ways To Cure A Hangover Quickly


Every time we overdue it with the alcohol, we wake up the next morning swearing to never tough the stuff again. But because the pain of the dreaded hangover is worth it or we just drank more than we intended, it just seems to happen from time to time.

So give yourself a break, your only human. But before you reach for the ibuprofen and start making the standard apology phone calls to your friends and family, lets heal our bodies (and mind) naturally of the damage we inflicted.

“If getting drunk was how people forgot they were mortal, then hangovers were how they remembered.” ― Matt Haig, The Humans

What Exactly Is A Hangover?

Surprisingly, scientist don’t really know for sure. For a long time now the general ideas was that our bodies are dehydrated when hungover. Another theory that has come out recently is that a hangover is a result from our body trying to repair itself in a natural way and creating a by-product or toxin in our body called aceteldehyde.

Here is a great explanation from iflscience.com

These are an unfortunate by-product of your body attempting to restore fluid levels. Your blood vessels narrow, restricting the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain, which then tries to compensate by dilating its blood vessels, which can cause swelling. Although the brain itself can’t feel pain, the discomfort may result from pain receptors in the lining that surrounds our brain.

So we’ve covered headaches, but what makes our stomach churn the morning after? Alcohol actually irritates your stomach and intestine, causing inflammation of the stomach lining and delayed emptying of the stomach contents. It also causes us to produce more gastric acid alongside increasing the levels of pancreatic and intestinal secretions. Both of these can lead to that delightful nausea we often experience, or even cause us to throw up.

Another candidate for the origin of a hangover is a toxic compound called acetaldehyde, which builds up as a byproduct as our body processes alcohol. It’s thought to be up to 30 times more toxic than alcohol itself, and has been found to produce hangover-like symptoms in studies.

One final intriguing hypothesis is that hangovers are actually the result of our immune systems. One Korean study found that people with hangovers also had high levels ofcytokines, which are substances secreted by immune cells that are involved in inflammation and cellular communication. Normally, these help us fight off infections, but if you inject large enough doses into healthy people, they start to experience hangover symptoms like nausea, headache and fatigue. Furthermore, some lines of evidence have hinted that abnormally high levels of cytokines could disrupt memory formation in the brain, which could help explain why many of us wake up totally oblivious of our late night shenanigans.

9 Natural Ways To Cure A Hangover Quickly

So enough with the explaining what’s causing this hangover nightmare and get you back on your feet. You that mimosa brunch with the rest of the gang in a few hours.

1. An Unexpected Natural Hangover Cure

via: qz.com

Bowl of pears

Consuming pears in advance of a night on the town helps your body breakdown and eliminate alcohol.

2. Use What You Have On Hand

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coconut lemon

Make use of simple common household items like vitamins, tomato juice, or even sweat it out on the yoga mat.

3. Get Something In Your Stomach

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banana oatmeal

Asparagus, ginseng root, and oatmeal may not be on the top of your list when fighting a hangover, but we are talking desperate measures here. Unless you want this to last all day, or worse, a two day hangover, fight the urge for the greasy king burger down the street.


4. Release The Tiger

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Jar of tiger balm

Simply rub a little on the back of your neck and temples. Be careful not to get any around or in your eyes.

5. Rub Your Feet

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Reflexology foot rubbing

Also known as Reflexology, locating and applying pressure to specific meridian points on your body can have effects on other completely unrelated (or so we thought) parts.

6. Ask The Ancient Greeks

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ancient Bacchus statue

These people knew how to party. Ancient Greeks and Romans even worshiped gods who’s specific roles and duties involved drinking and partying. They were even nice enough to write down for us their cures for the common hangover.

7. Winnie The Pooh Knows How To Fix A Hangover

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jars of honey

An anti-oxidant miracle, the fructose in honey helps breakdown the alcohol in your body into harmless by-products.

8. Try This Natural Fat Free Drink For Your Next Hangover

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Fresh Organic Coconut Water

Packed full of potassium and sodium, coconut water has no artificial additives and is full of electrolytes to help re-hydrate your body.

9. Prevent A Hangover From The Start- Go One For One

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glass of pure water

And of course there is always moderation. Instead going drink-for-drink with your friends, have a glass of ice water between drinks. Or, if your funds allow, stick with top shelf brands. In theory the higher quality alcohol has less of the impurities and toxins found in lower quality alcohols.


Other than reminding you to be drive sober, we will save the lectures about abusing alcohol or over doing it for some other time. We never seem to remember the lessons anyway.


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