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Benefits Of The Himalayan Salt Lamp

Benefits Of The Himalayan Salt Lamp

Have you ever heard of, or felt, the benefits of a Himalayan salt lamp? These beautiful all natural salt lamps have been growing in popularity over the last few years. And for a good reason, they work.

Himalayan salt lamps work by balancing out positive ions in the air with beneficial negative ions.  Ever noticed the fresh air or energetic feeling after a thunderstorm? How about at the beach with the ocean smashing up against the rocks?

The fresh air and energy are the benefits of a surge of negative ions balancing out a buildup of positive ions in the air.

Another way positive ions buildup is from what is called “electro-smog”. Electro-smog is created from all the electrical components that surround us in our modern homes and offices.

Cell phones, computers, large screen TV’s…all play a part in this. Some signs that you may be living day-in and day-out in a positive ion cloud could include:

  • difficulties sleeping or insomnia
  • nervousness
  • bodily stress
  • problems focusing

If you need a visual example of electrical pollution, evere see a plant die when you stick it to close to a television. If you have access or know someone who welds, try sticking a house plant in the shop with them. It doesn’t take long to kill the plant from an imbalance of ions.

Himalayan salt lamp


Why Himalayan Salt?

The benefits of Himalayan sea salt goes way beyond the scope of this review. But I can tell you one of the most important reasons for you to consider Himalayan salt is the lack of additives.

Most of the table salts or Sodium Chloride are chemical changed during the industrial cleaning and processing. Himalayan salt on the other little had little to no chemical processing done to it.

Just don’t take our word for it, check out this great video explanation from the great Dr. Mercola:

How Does A Himalayan Salt Lamp Work?

Himalayan salt lamps work by absorbing humidity from the air (as salt naturally does) and creates a slight moist layer on the heated lamp surface. This moist layer creates a chemical solution with the salt of the lamp and reacts with Sodium (positive ion) and Chloride (negative ion) and is returned to the environment.

Whew! Got that?

How Do You Benefit From A Himalayan Salt Lamp?

So how does this benefit you? Well for starters, it removes the “electro-smog” we mentioned earlier and other electromagnetic vibrations in your environments. Himalayan Salt Lamp

Another viewpoint is the crystal healing potential of Himalayan salt lamps. Without going to far into the crystal healing and religious beliefs, we can keep in mind that salt is also a natural crystal and essentially has a vibration frequency.

Salt is also associated with the root (base) Chakra.

Personally, besides the pollution clearing, I enjoy the way a lighted Himalayan salt lamp looks. I like the way the soft orange glow warms the room.

It’s soothing and helps to focus the concentration. They are reasonably affordable so I personally own three, two at home and one at the office.

Downsides of A Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Himalayan salt lamps draw moister from the air. So if you live in an environment that has a cold, dry season (winter for me), then your are going to have to work out a balancing act of using air humidifiers or essential oils diffusers to keep some humidity in the air.

One other downside is the white mineral buildup on the lamp and base. The buildup is nothing serious that a damp towel cant clean up, but it will be noticeable from time to time.

Salt lamps also do not have a vary large effective range. If your have a large apartment or house you may need more than one or two.


Himalayan salt lamps are an easy affordable investment on your environmental, emotional, and spiritual health. And no two lamps are the same, so you end up with a totally unique work of art from mother nature.




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