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Want A Better Sex Drive? Use a Glass Water Bottle!



“There are TONS of different chemicals and plasticizers used in the manufacture of plastics. And it’s not just water bottles, think children’s toys and eating utensils…”

A glass water bottle can help with that? Really?

You Bet!

Hey, you have enough stress in your life the way it is that can have an impact on your sex drive. Do you really need to worry about how water affects it also? Well, if you drink water that was stored in plastic you do according to recent studies.

The importance of water and its storage cannot be overemphasized. Methods of water storage like plastics and metal containers (except food grade stainless steel) do not provide the necessary conditions for safe water storage simply because of the chemicals used in the manufacturing process, namely bisphenol A or BPA. And yes, even some metal water bottles can contain BPA when sold with a plastic liner.

Better Living Through Science…Really?

glass water bottleWhat the purpose of BPA and its estrogen mimicking industrial chemical reactions do goes beyond the scope of this article. But keep in mind that the FDA recently banned BPA in baby bottles and caps back in 2012 (after declaring it safe in 2008, strangely enough). A simple Google Scholar search will give you enough reason to not want it in your water. Here are just a few reasons why:

And that is only for what is suspected about just BPA. There are TONS of different chemicals and plasticizers used in the manufacture of plastics. And it’s not just water bottles, think children’s toys and eating utensils.

The good news is if you make the switch to a reusable glass water bottle (and other products) you don’t need to worry about exposing yourself or your family.

Back To Nature

Glass, wood, and metal (but do a search on lead pipes if you are looking nightmare material) have been used for thousands of years to transport, cook, and store water. It wasn’t until the last two decades that plastic water bottles became so prevalent and began clogging up our environment.

OK, So Why Would A Glass Water Bottle Be A Better Option?

glass water bottleWell, for starters, the glass water bottle has a natural protective layer that allows it to be able to preserve its contents in their natural form without any alterations whatsoever.

A glass water bottle also:

  • has the ability to be easily cleaned and does not absorb residual tastes and odors like other materials do. This is a benefit that is of prime concern to all consumers and producers who require clean, pure and tasty water. This is a feature which can only be attained by glass water bottles.
  • is not affected by temperature changes, a characteristic that helps preserve the quality of water for longer periods of time. They do not shrink when it is too cold and neither do they dilate when it is too hot like in a dishwasher or a vehicle in the summer. This is a feature that is not present in plastics because temperature changes affect the quality of their contents and the chemical makeup of bottle.
  • Has the ability to be safely recycled. Environment consciousness calls for recycling of glass to avoid a huge pile up of bottles which are not biodegradable.

However, the huge benefit that a glass water bottle has is that it does not change its structure since its made of glass that is a mono-material which is able to retain its purity no matter how many times it is recycled. It is 100% recyclable and can be recycled continuously without loss of quality or purity. The recycled glasses usually find their way back to the consumer in a few days.

So Many Glass Water Bottles To Choose From

Look for these popular options available to you:

  • Double-walled bottles are designed to insulate the hot or cold liquids in your bottle from your hand and the general environment. Wonderful option for infusing tea on a cold winter morning.
  • Silicone case for better grip and protection of the glass water bottle itself.
  • Built-in infuser for your favorite Oolong or blend.


If you’re done with using chemically saturated water bottles but don’t want the metallic taste that comes from metal water bottles, you may want to make the switch to a quality, durable glass water bottle.

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