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[VIDEO] ZAQ Bamboo Essential Oil Diffuser Review


Last updated: July 27th 2016

If you have any experience with essential oils, then you have more than likely heard of the ZAQ Aromatherapy brand. ZAQ Aromatherapy manufactures and distributes a line of affordable  essential oils and diffusers. And if this is your first experience with ZAQ and essential oils I highly recommend their Aromatherapy 101 blog post.

Inspiring, Relaxing, and Healing

One of ZAQ’s best selling items is the Bamboo Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser. Manufactured of BPA free plastic and encased in real, all natural and environmentally friendly bamboo. The neutral color allows for the diffuser to blend in perfectly with any room color or style.ZAQ Bamboo Essential Oil Diffuser

What did come as a surprise is the long run-time because the ZAQ Bamboo Essential Oil Diffuser leans towards the smaller end of the diffuser market, coming in at only 100ml. You can expect a modest 6-hour run time with while running the diffuser continuously and a 12-hour run time intermittently. That is a long time considering essential oil diffusers three time that size claim the same run times.

What Can You Expect?

With the ZAQ Bamboo Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser your get an attractive and exotic piece of art that sits comfortably in any environment. Actually one of the things we like best is the diffusers small size and ability to blend into it’s surroundings.

Verified customer reviews on Amazon ranks this diffuser with 72% of reviews giving it 5-Stars with another 12% giving it at least 4-Stars.

ZAQ Bamboo Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser Stats

The numbers according to the manufacturer:

  • 100ml fill limit
  • 6-Hour Continuous Run-Time
  • 12-Hour Intermittent Run-Time
  • 3.6×6.6 inch size
  • BPA free construction
  • 1 yr Warranty
  • Three Light Settings: Bright, Dim, Off
  • Automatic Shut-off


Mainly the negatives or complaints we are able to find was that the ZAQ Bamboo Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser would stop working after a few weeks. Honestly, if you read through the reviews on other popular essential oil diffusers you would fine that this is a popular complaint with all of them. The thing is that this problems stems from:

  1. using heavy/mineral rich water from the tap
  2. not cleaning the diffuser regularly (like every other day)
  3. running cheap oils through the diffuser (we don’t deny that essential oils often have a hefty price tag. But, remember, you get what you pay for. And quality doesn’t come cheap)

Recommended Essential Oils

ZAQ recommends that you use their own brand of essential oils in their aromatherapy diffusers. And that’s probably not a bad idea, but in all honesty you would probably be fine running any high quality therapeutic grade essential oil in a ZAQ diffuser.

ZAQ essential oils

Click the image to see recommended essential oils.



You can’t go wrong with with the ZAQ Bamboo Essential Oil Diffuser. Beautiful design, small size, long run-time, and quality manufacturing you will be very happy with this addition to essential oils.

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