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4 Reasons To Use Coconut Oil For Your Hair


Coconut oil is a wonder conditioner which is free of the scary chemicals with unpronounceable names that are present in too many of our hair care products

Coconut oil is rich in both lauric and fatty acids. Such properties help in conditioning the scalp, strengthening hair, and assists in growth.

Nourishes naturally

Coconut oil is a wonder conditioner which is free of the scary chemicals with unpronounceable names that are present in too many of our hair care products. It has been known to  minimize the protein loss caused by many  It is a well-known fact that breakage and dryness can be caused by protein loss. The lauric acid present in coconut oil can make a way into our hair shaft, as it has low molecular weight. This way, it nourishes our hair with fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Apart from these things, coconut oil also prevents the damages caused by brushing and combing, which is why it is very safe for children to use. It can be used as an intensive, leave-in or overnight conditioner.

Effective Uses

For effective usage, people with short hair should use a very little amount of coconut oil, wherein those with thicker, longer hair can use 15 to 20 ml. When it comes to people who have thinner hair, the oil should be used sparingly. This is because excessive usage may weigh their hair down. When applying to your hair, try to focus on the shaft ends closest to the scalp.

Coconut oil helps your hair grow

Usage of coconut oil is considered a nominally priced solution which is effective and safe if people have hair thinning problems. The presence of lauric acid aids the improvement of the health of our hair. Since, hair is mostly affected by internal issues, people can incorporate natural remedies. Also, before people opt for prescribed medicines for hair treatment, they should always consider coconut oil. This is due to the reason that harsh chemicals can lead to irritation in the scalp

When people massage the scalp with coconut oil, the blood circulation will improve which in turn will result in hair growth. Aim for ten minutes, three to four times in a week. If hair growth and conditioning are the major concerns, then people can use 5 ml of coconut oil.

Fights Dandruff Naturally

People have been this amazing natural gift for several centuries for fighting dandruff. This itchy and unpleasant condition can be caused by various factors such as harsh chemicals, fungal infections and dry skin. The fatty acids in coconut oil such as capric acid and lauric acid can get rid of the fungus as well as bacteria and viruses that are present in the scalp. Many over-the-counter and prescription hair care products may worsen the dandruff, instead of fixing the problem. On the other hand, it can make a big difference if the problem is due to dry skin or fungus. Though, the results are not instant, people can see a great difference in a few days.

Style your hair as you wish

 Yes, it is true that coconut oil acts as an amazing styling agent. Also, it does not have harmful chemicals that can be found in conventional hair styling products. Using it can keep your hair from tangling and other damages that can be caused by curling irons, flat irons, hair dryers and hot rollers.


There are many other benefits of using coconut oil on your hair such as lice treatment, lice prevention and prevention from sun damage. Combine this with amazing Argan oil truly natural healthy hair.

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