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Try These 7 Amazing Beauty Uses For Argan Oil


Derived from the kernels of the Argania tree, Argan oil offers beauty as well as anti–aging cosmetic benefits and is prized for its medicinal and culinary virtues as well. You will also see this amazing oil added to  many cosmetics because of its high levels of antioxidants.

The best oil is produced by several women’s co-operatives in Morocco, which creates an important socio economic function by providing jobs and independence for the women and their families. And since extracting the oil from the kernels using mechanical methods (think big chemical factories) has proven to destroy the potency of the oil, you will find the highest grade oils have been produced by hand.

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All natural Argan Oil is truly one of natures gifts.

Selecting The Right Argan Oil For You

Purchase raw argan oil instead of culinary oil. Basically, raw argan oil has unroasted argan nuts that retain their fatty acids and vitamins. Also, keep in mind that you want to buy therapeutic grade Argan whenever possible to guarantee that the benefits of the oil are not destroyed in the manufacturing process.

Storing Argan Oil

Store your Argan oil in an opaque, ultraviolet–protected container to preserve its minerals and vitamins for as long as possible. And, like all essential oils, Argan oil does have a limited lifespan and its effectiveness over time will diminish.

Applying the Argan Oil on your Face

Apply a few drops of the oil to your palms and then massage your face in small circles till your entire face is covered in the oil.

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Applying Argan Oil on your Nails

Mix equal parts of lemon juice and argan oil in a small container. Simply soak your nails in the solution for about 15 minutes to strengthen them as well as give them extra shine.

Massaging your Skin With Argan Oil

Massage your skin with the oil after taking a shower. You can either mix the oil with a premium body lotion, coconut oil, or you can apply it directly onto your skin.

Use Argan Oil For Hair Care

Argan oil is extremely beneficial for scalp and hair, and is commonly used by most people as a conditioner. Vitamin E is beneficial for hair, and is found in argan oil in high quantities. Basically, Vitamin E promotes growth of healthy hair as it contains antioxidants that assist in boosting cells and encouraging them to produce hair that is strong and healthy.

There are also a number of other benefits of using argan oil for hair. For instance, it can act as an effective moisturizer for the scalp to fight dry scalp and dandruff, cures split ends, and promotes the growth of strong, healthy hair as opposed to brittle, thin hair. And very importantly, It can also undo some of the damage created from using chemical dyes and treatments.

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On your Hair

Apply the oil to your hair, starting with the ends. Carefully wrap your hair in a towel or sheet when it’s completely coated in the argan oil. Leave the sheet or towel in place for 30 minutes or even overnight, if you prefer.

As a Shampoo

The benefit of using this oil as an ingredient in shampoo is that you can easily apply it just as a normal shampoo product without worrying about using the correct quantity of the oil or adding an extra step in your routine. It’s an ideal method for ensuring strong, nourished hair with an improved appearance.

As a Styling Agent

If you want to style your hair in a hurry, this type of oil is an incredible solution. The oil will provide a long- term improvement in your hair in terms of strength and softness. Also, using the oil on your hair is a great way of taming frizzy hair into submission.

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As a Hair Mask

Using a large quantity of the oil as a hair mask simply means that the many nutrients found on the oil will be absorbed on your hair. This is normally a great treatment to use on the eve before a special event when you want your hair to be extra voluminous, sleek and smooth.

And don’t forget to combine argan oil with coconut oil truly amazing results.


We all want healthy skin and amazing flowing hair. But at what cost? Amazingly, plenty of producers of beauty products manage to pump full their products full of harmful chemicals that seem to do the opposite of what they advertise.

Yes, you may end up with thick flowing hair after using those products, but what happens in a few weeks from now when you end up having to use more of the product to cover up the damage done to your hair? Maybe the best option is to start using natural products like argan oil that won’t do the damage in the fist place?


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