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Top 5 Cool Air Essential Oil Diffusers

Top 5 Cool Air Essential Oil Diffusers

Last updated: July 27th 2016

“It all boils down to what your visual preferences are. From space age to natural organic…”

Choosing an essential oil diffuser can be one of the most important, heart wrenching decisions you make in your entire life. OK, well maybe not in your entire life, you still have to decide what brands of essential oils you will be using.

All joking aside, we have worked day and night to develop our top five list of essential oil diffusers.

Here is a partial list of the criteria we used to determine the best diffusers:

  • Auto shut off capabilities; either timed shut off or when the diffuser runs out of water.
  • Design beauty; looks matter even with essential oil diffusers, the last thing you want is a big plastic distraction.
  • Portable abilities; unless you have an aromatherapy diffuser in every room and office, you’re going to want something you can easily move.
  • Price; although essential oil diffusers generally are not the most expensive things to begin with, it’s important to keep in mind that you pay for what you get.

As the title suggest, we are showcasing essential oils and aromatherapy cool air diffusers. We excluded the heat based diffusers that use light bulbs or candles from the list. Heat diffusing essential oils is great for aromatic purposes but will degrade the therapeutic abilities of essential oils.

InnoGear 100ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

InnoGear 100ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil DiffuserInnogear manufactures a couple different products like solar powered garden lights along with its line of aromatherapy diffusers.

We chose the smaller 100ml model due to its portable size. Innogear does produce larger sizes such as the 300ml model. The 100ml diffuser weighs in at only 11oz. and measures 3.9×5.7 inches with a six foot power cord.

One of the first things you will notice about this model is its ability to change to different colors, which Innogear describes as mood changing.

There are seven colors to be exact:

  • Green
  • Dark Blue
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • Light Blue
  • White

The Innogear aromatherapy diffuser has three working modes:

  • Intermittent Mist; 30 seconds on/30 seconds off
  • Continuous on
  • Light only

The InnoGear 100ml model has a working time of three hours in continuous mode and six hours on intermittent mode.


  • Affordable price tag
  • Nice color change options


  • Tends to diffuse a lower volume into the air compared to other models
  • Occasional Leaks and mystery puddles

Overall, I would say that the InnoGear 100ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser is perfect if you’re just getting started with essential oils.


Now Food Ultrasonic Wood Grain Oil Diffuser

Now Food Ultrasonic Wood Grain Oil DiffuserThe Now Food Ultrasonic Wood Grain Oil Diffuser is produced by one of the more well known brands in essential oils, Now Foods.

The first thing to draw the eye when first viewing this diffuser is the beautiful wood grain design. But don’t be fooled, it is entirely made of “faux wood” (plastic). But for some this may not be a bad thing. Those with children with curious hands may not be interested in having a true wood grained diffuser that could be scratched if knocked over. And if just in case you are worried about the diffuser being knocked over, it has an automatic shut off just for life’s little accidents.

Just like the InnoGear Diffuser, the Now Foods essential oil diffuser also has color changing abilities of:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green

One of the things I find interesting is the Now Foods diffuser is it is BPA free and uses medical grade plastics. And if you need convincing that BPA free is a good thing, you may be interested in our article on using glass water bottles.

There is a downside to the Now Food Ultrasonic Wood Grain Oil Diffuser, the lack of an intermittent run option. Instead, this diffuser has an average run time claim of eight hours with an auto shutoff when empty.

Size wise, the Now Foods Diffuser measures 8.5X5”.

Overall not a bad diffuser for the mid-range price models. Although if you’re not into the “faux wood’ design you may want to stick go with the InnoGear 100ml model. They are close to the same size but the InnoGear has more options with colors and adjustable run times.

An alternative to the Now Food diffuser is the higher priced URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser. Along with the higher price tag you also get a wood grain (although plastic, again) but with more color and timing options.

ZAQ Galaxy LiteMist Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser

ZAQ Galaxy LiteMist Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser

For this next Essential Oil Diffuser, I wanted to move away from plastic. Plastic has it’s place and, unfortunately, is an essential part of society. It just doesn’t need to be a part of everything in your house.

The ZAQ Galaxy LightMist Essential Oil Diffuser with Ionizer And Color Changing Light has a ceramic housing. Perfect for getting away from seeing plastic in every corner of your house.

Not to say that the ZAQ Galaxy does not have plastic. It does, it’s just covered in a beautiful ceramic shell. The ceramic is unglazed and has the feeling of slightly rough concrete feel.

I want to point out that the ZAQ Galaxy is not be as durable as a similar plastic model so keep that in mind if your house is a playground for children and curious pets.

Here is what we liked about the ZAQ Galaxy Essential Oil Diffuser:

  • Beautiful ceramic shell to add an artistic element to your living room
  • Mood setting color changing LED lights
  • Large 200ml water and oil reservoir
  • BPA free
  • Dual voltage (24VDC, 120-240AC) for your international travels or gifting
  • Extremely quite. You will forget it’s even running
  • Auto-shutoff for when you forget it’s running

The only real downsides I could find about this diffuser is the slightly fragile ceramic shell. It won’t crumble in your hands but I wouldn’t want to drop it from a counter top onto the kitchen floor.

Overall I would recommend the ZAQ Galaxy Essential Oil Diffuser on the basis of it’s looks alone. It is nice to get away from plastic once in awhile and the ceramic shell of this diffuser does a great job of this.

Now Foods Ultrasonic Real Bamboo Diffuser

Now Foods Ultrasonic Real Bamboo DiffuserStaying with our theme of moving away from all plastic diffusers, I found another Now Foods essential oil diffuser but this model made from bamboo.

The Now Foods Ultrasonic Bamboo Diffuser has a truly beautiful bamboo construction. Now, don’t get confused that it is completely made out of bamboo. It does have BPA free plastic insides for the reservoir and motor, but the outside shell is bamboo.

What I found most interesting about the Now Foods Bamboo Diffuser besides it beauty was its long runtime of 14-hours intermittent and 7 hours continuous run. That’s a long runtime for its 150ml reservoir.

Some other interesting highlights:

  • Rotating color changing LED lighting
  • BPA free plastic
  • Green friendly bamboo outer shell
  • Extended intermittent runtime of 14 hours
  • Very Quite
  • Auto-shutoff
  • Small size, 4×7 inches

The Now Foods Ultrasonic Real Bamboo Diffuser made out list of top essential oil diffusers due mostly to its bamboo manufacture. It’s in the same price range of comparable models for it’s size and diffusing abilities. Another benefit is that it is made and designed by a leading manufacturer of essential oils, Now Foods.

Deneve Riverock Essential Oil Diffuser

Deneve Riverock Essential Oil Diffuser



Last but not least on our list, we chose the Deneve Riverock diffuser because of its ability to not stick out. The Deneve has a much lower profile than the other diffusers on our list. And, at times, I would rather have a diffuser that is smelled more than seen.

Another great benefit of the Deneve Riverock Essential Oil Diffuser is its built in flowing water sound simulation. That’s right! Not only do you get the wonderful relaxing aroma from this diffuser, you also hear the faint sound of a bubbling brook.

What we liked about this diffuser:

  • Subtle mood changing color band with yellow, green, sky blue, dark blue, red lighting effects
  • Faint bubbling brook sound
  • Smooth, low profile, river rock shape with two color options available; white and black
  • 4-5 hour runtime with full reservoir
  • Deneve donates a portion of net proceeds to charity

Overall, the Deneve is a diffuser made for sleep. Everything from its low profile, bubbling brook sound, and mood changing light. Mix in a couple drops of your favorite lavender and sweet dreams.


There are many kinds of cool air essential oil diffusers on the market. Some better than others. All of the diffusers on our list will work just fine for diffusing your favorite essential oils and aromas in the air. It all boils down to what your visual preferences are. From space age to natural organic. There are many options available for you to choose from.

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