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How To Make Alkaline Water

How To Make Alkaline Water

Water is an essential part of life, but all water is not the same. The body uses water to get rid of acidic metabolic waste, but most people do not consume the right type of water to help the body clean itself out. This is why you should do your best to make sure that you and your family have alkaline water at home.

But all this still boils down to two questions: why is alkaline water healthier, and where can you find alkaline water?

What Is the Big Deal With Alkaline Water?

The first thing you need to know–which you may already know–is that tap water is no good since it usually contains several contaminants, including chlorine. And, secondly, water in plastic bottles have been sitting in that bottle for some time.

This matters because water absorbs its surroundings, meaning that you are drinking whatever might be in the plastic. So, if for no other reason, alkaline water is already a better choice than the alternatives. Check out our article on BPA in your water here.

Alkaline water comes from melted snow, glaciers, or springs. This type of water runs down the mountain or passes through vessels of stone. And, since water is very absorbent, it collects the natural minerals from all these stones.

Not only that, alkaline water contains a hefty amount of activated hydrogen.

This particular aspect of alkaline water makes it antioxidant. That means that all those free radicals–the kind that damage cellular structure–are eradicated with alkaline water.

Free radicals can lead to things like degenerative macular disease or premature aging, just to name a few things.

Another thing to remember about alkaline water is that all that mineral collecting gives water a drastically lower surface tension. This occurs because the water molecules in alkaline water are clumped together closely.

This is what allows the water molecules to reach every area of your body easily. In other words, you will be hydrated with much less water.

You should also keep some of the following in mind, as they have been associated with acidic metabolic waste that lingers too long in your body:

  • Asthma or other respiratory issues
  • Arthritis due to nerve damage among other things
  • Acid reflux mostly associated with digestive issues
  • Constipation could occur because of poor hydration
  • Either types of diabetes due to poor absorption
  • Gout due to over storage of metabolic waste
  • Bacteria problems, like cavities or candida, since harmful bacteria thrive in low pH environments
  • Low energy or fatigue due to poor hydration
  • Migraines, which could be linked to poor hydration or too much metabolic waste

Remember that these are just a few of the issues that have been associated with those who are simply not consuming enough alkaline water.

Where Can You Get Alkaline Water?

How to make alkaline water Getting alkaline water in its natural form is not the simplest thing to do. Most people do not have a natural spring or glacier in their backyard. Some regions around cities do have springs or glaciers, but they are usually far from the cities.

This makes it a hard for people to simply drive to these locations and collect water.

You do have the option of purchasing alkaline water online or from certain stores. You will end up spending more than you want to spend, especially because your entire family should be drinking a lot of water.

To be exact, every person is supposed to be drinking water equal to at least half of their body weight in ounces.

But do not fret because you do have other options. You can simply make your own alkaline water at home. There are several effective methods of alkalining water; of course some yield better results than others, but at least you have a few options to choose from.

Using an Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine

Perhaps one of the most effective ways of ionizing or alkalining water is by using an alkaline ionizing machine. The machine or filter comes in many forms that could be attached to your faucet to turn tap water into alkaline water.

You can even purchase a filtration water system that can filter and alkaline the entire water supply in your home.

This is a good idea for many reasons, like the fact that alkaline water can be much more hydrating to the skin when you take a shower. Your skin should feel much more supple and moisturized should you choose to filter all the water in your home.

The way this works is a little technical, but it starts with water being filtered using activated charcoal. Activated charcoal is a natural product usually made from roasted coconut shells. This charcoal has an incredibly potent charge, which makes it perfectly suited to filter water to a near perfect state.

The filtered water is then passed through a channel that leads into the electrolysis chamber. This chamber is complete with platinum-coated titanium electrodes, which is how electrolysis occurs.

Make alkaline water Alkaline water ionizerThe electrodes use their charge to separate water molecules in a very specific way. Positive ions are pulled to the negative electrodes whereas negative ions are pulled towards the positive electrodes.

The separation of molecules creates two very different types of waters; one is reduced water that contains positive ions and the other is oxidized water that contains negative ions.

The filter or iodizing machine separates both of these water types and allows reduced water to continue towards the faucet where you get to enjoy alkaline water. The other water is disposed.

Yes, this sounds a little complicated, but do not worry because you really just have to turn on your water, and let the machine do its magic. There is no labor involved except changing the filter cartridge as instructed on the packaged or by your installer.

But what happens if you are away from home or on vacation, and you still want to drink alkaline water? There are other temporary solutions that might work out for you, too.

A Little Baking Soda Can Do the Trick

Baking soda is nothing more than sodium bicarbonate, which is a type of salt that contains both sodium ions and bicarbonate ions. The powder is usually found dissolved in mineral springs though it is also mined.

Baking soda has a high pH value, which should help alkaline your water because it neutralizes acidity. But this does not mean that your water is filtered, so you should only try to use baking soda with filtered water.

Another thing to understand about baking soda is that it has a high sodium content. This could be a negative aspect for those who are on a low sodium diet for any reason.

It is important that you use aluminum-free baking soda, or natural baking soda, that can be purchased online or in your local health food store. Aluminum can be dangerous to the body given enough time. This metal has been linked to diminished kidney functions as well as Alzheimer’s disease, just to name a few possible issues.

You only need to add about 1/8 of a tablespoon to an 8 ounce glass of water. And you have to make sure that you shake up the mixture thoroughly before drinking it, as it may have an unappealing taste if you do not blend the baking soda well.

Try Some Acidic Lemons

Alkaline water lemonadeAnother option that you have is using lemons. Sure, lemons are not the first thing you think about if you want to make water less acidic. You may be wondering how something acidic can reverse the acidity in water. That is a good question, and the answer is simply that lemons are naturally anionic.

These anionic properties are really negatively charged ions within the lemon. These ions are free agent and not attached to other molecules, which gives your body an opportunity to react properly by converting it into alkaline water.

Your body cannot do this with other acidic compounds if they are attached to other molecules.

The first thing you want to do is fill a 64 ounce pitcher with purified water. Again, this part is important because the lemon is not going to purify the water that you are drinking.

Cut one lemon into 8 pieces, and dump them into the water. Do not squeeze the lemons; just let them be. Close the pitcher, and let it sit for 8 to 12 hours at room temperature or 72 degrees. After the aforementioned time, you can drink the water.

Also try adding one tablespoon of sea salt with your lemon water. The sea salt should help mineralize the water just a little bit more for the good of you and your family’s health.

Add Some Apple Cider Vinegar

Alkaline water apple cider vinegar
Another great idea is to use apple cider vinegar to help your water become alkaline. This type of vinegar has the same kind of effect that lemon has on water. It helps ensure that your body is able to re-constitute the water once inside and makes it alkaline.

Apple cider vinegar happens to be one of the only types of vinegar that allows the body to change the acidity in water and make it alkaline.

But you do have to purchase a specific type of apple cider vinegar, which is raw and unfiltered apple cider. Be sure that the apple cider vinegar is organic as well. This apple cider still contains the mother along with several minerals and vitamins.

To make your drink, all you need to do is add a cap-full of apple cider vinegar to 8 ounces of water. Blend the mixture well before tasting it. You can add more if you desire a stronger taste, or you can add a little raw honey to make it a little sweeter. You can purchase raw honey online or from your local health food store.

Remember that adding apple cider vinegar to water will give it a strong taste, which means that kids may not like it. This is one of the drawbacks and the reason why you should really consider having raw honey on hand when attempting to use apple cider vinegar.

Do not use any processed sugars to try to make the drink tastier for children. Processed sugar will have the exact opposite effect on the water; besides, processed sugar is one of the main reasons many people’s bodies are acidic.

A bonus benefit of apple cider vinegar is that it continues to ferment, so it will last a long time. And you will probably not finish it quickly either since you do not need to use much apple cider in your drink.


These are just some of the options you have when it comes to making your own alkaline water. You can see that it can be done easily.

There are some drawbacks to some options, like using baking soda for those on a low sodium diet, but you do have alternatives. This is especially important for those who travel a lot and may not always have access to home ionized alkaline water.

Just make sure that you start drinking alkaline water in whatever way you can. It is very important that you try to re-balance your body’s pH. You will feel and be healthier.

You should even feel energized and generally happier. There is a lot of good that alkaline water can do for you and your family, which why you cannot wait.

featured image via the talented Jez Timms