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Choose The Right Berkey Water Filter For You


If you have done any research on water filters or spent time with the preparedness (survivalist) crowd, then the name Berkley will sound familiar. Manufactured by New Millennium Concepts, Berkey water filters have made a name for themselves as the best option for serious water filtration.

Why Berkey water filters?

They are built with tough, high grade 304 stainless steel for one. So that right there will tell you this isn’t your standard big-box store water filter. Berkey water filters are made to last.

How about because removing viruses, bacteria, parasites, fluoride and arsenic is important to you. Or how about that Berkey likes brag about it’s ability to remove even food coloring from water.

And besides removing the nasty from your water another good reason is money.

Plastic bottle cost comparisonOn average, bottled water cost $1.50 a gallon. Water filtered using the Berkey system cost only $.02 per gallon.

Why shell out your hard earned dollars when you can invest in a nice glass water bottle to use with your Berkley water filter? Now is the perfect time to break the plastic gas station water bottle addiction and move to glass.

A simple rule to follow when selecting the right Berkey water filter for you is, bigger is better. But in reality, the biggest water filter may not be what’s better. You may not be interested the larger Imperial model when the smaller Royal model suits your needs perfectly.

Daily usage 2 gallons per person daily

A good estimate to use when sizing your Berkey filter is a daily usage of 1/2 gallons a day per person. That’s following the standard drinking 64 oz. a day. And that is just drinking water so keep that in mind if you decide to cook with filtered water to size accordingly. And don’t forget the pets when considering usage.


How Do Berkey Water Filters Work?

Upper and lower chambersBerkey water filters have removable upper and lower chambers. In these chambers are where the replaceable filters do their work.

Berkey water filters use gravity to pull water down through a series of filters or elements. The water starts out in the upper chamber were it is first filtered through the black elements to remove:

  • Lead
  • Chlorine
  • BPA
  • Viruses
  • Pharmaceuticals

The lower chamber is for the white filters used to remove fluoride, arsenic, and other chemicals from your water.

It is important to keep in mind that you need to keep and equal amount of both white and black and match the filters in the upper and lower sections of the filter.Matching filters in the top and bottom sections

Only two filters are included with a Berkey with the option to install more depending on which model you buy.

Installing more filters will not increase the quality of filtered water but will increase the speed of filtering the water.

Doubling the numbers of filters will not only double your filtration speed, but will also double the life of the filters as well. Black filters have a lifespan of 6000 gallons per set of 2. While white filters only have a life cycle of 1000 gallons per set of 2.

What Sizes Are Available?

Berkey water filters come in seven standard sizes. The smallest is the 1 qt. Go Berkey and the largest is the six gallon Crown Berkey.

In this review, we will start with largest to smallest starting with the Crown Berkey.

Crown Berkey Water Filter

Crown Berkey

The Crown Berkey water filter is the largest filter in the line up and has the following specifications:

  • 12 People
  • 31″ high x 11″ diameter
  • 6 Gallon Holding Capacity
  • 8 Filters
  • 26 Gallon/hour Flow Rate

The Crown has been marketed to be used during disasters relief and humanitarian crisis.

Keep in mind the seriousness of Berkey filters within the preparedness community. A video testimony of people field testing a Berkey with water from a drainage ditch can be found at the bottom of this post.

Imperial Berkey Water Filter

The Imperial Berkey is the next size down from the Crow and is targeted towards larger households and their pets.

Imperial Berkey

  • 9 Person Daily Consumption
  • 4.5 Gallon Holding Capacity
  • 6 Filters
  • 16.5 Gallons/hour Flow Rate

Overall the Berkey Imperial is not a bad option for the mid-sized house hold.


Royal Berkey Water Filter

Royal Berkey Six People

The Royal Berkey is advertised as the perfect sized water filter for a family of four along with a couple of pets. Fido and Mittens deserve fresh, virus free water…right?

The Royal Berkey has the following benefits:

  • 6 Person Daily Consumption
  • 3.25 Gallon Holding Capacity
  • 4 Filters
  • 8 Gallons/hour Flow Rate


Big Berkey Water Filter

The Big Berkey is the original and most popular model in the Berkey family of water filters. The Big Berkey is ideal for smaller to mid-sized families, travel, outdoor activities, and emergencies.Big Berkey Water Filter

  • 19.25″ high x 8.5″ diameter
  • 4 People
  • 9 Pounds Empty Weight
  • 2.25 Gallon Holding Capacity
  • 4 Filters
  • 7 Gallon/hour Flow Rate


Travel Berkey Water Filter

Perfect for the dorm room or the outdoors. The Travel Berkey only has the capacity to supply three people with their daily need of fresh clean water. But if it’s just you and a spouse or a friend you are not going to need anything bigger.Travel Berkey

  • 19″ high x 7.5″ diameter
  • 8.4 Pounds Empty Weight
  • 1.5 Gallon Holding Capacity
  • 2 Filters
  • 2.7 Gallon/hour Flow Rate


Go Berkey Water Filter

The Go Berkey water filter has to be one of our favorites. I can’t think of better option for the perpetual traveler or sales professional to have in the hotel room. It’s compact size and nylon carrying case, makes this little filter for when space is limited.

Go Berkey

  • Includes BPA-free Sports Bottle and Nylon Carrying Case
  • 3 Pounds Empty Weight
  • 14″ high x 4″ diameter
  • 1 qt. Holding Capacity
  • 1 Gallon/hour Flow Rate


Berkey Water Filter Warranties and Guarantees

Berkey has some of the warranty’s in the industry. With your Berkey water filter you get a 2 year warranty on the filters themselves. On the stainless steel chambers and spigots you get a guarantee for a lifetime.

Not a bad deal.

Filter WarrantyLifetime Warranty







Berkey water filters are the standard in the home and personal water filtration market. What we like best about the Berkey’s is the love shown by the preparedness and disaster response communities. These two communities have a deep love for tested and reliable gear.

Want to watch a great video tutorial on the various models of Berkey water filters?

Check out this video from Berkey:

Want to see a Berkey water filter in action?

Check out this awesome video field test from LDSprepper

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