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15 Benefits Of Drinking Alkaline Water

15 Benefits Of Drinking Alkaline Water

How can one substance impact so many systems in the body? Well, water does make up about 60 percent of our bodies, and is the easiest way to deliver nutrients and flush out toxins from the body. And today we are not just talking about plane water. No, we are talking about amazing alkaline water today.

Benefits Of Drinking Alkaline Water

Not All Water Is The Same

Water that comes from mountain springs is often high in mineral content whereas tap water can include additives like fluoride. There is also a growing body of evidence that suggests that the pH of the water itself can be one of its most important characteristics.

It is known that acidic water picks up a metallic taste because it tends to corrode pipes faster. Not only will a low pH yield water that is acidic and bad-tasting, but that acidity tends to make the body more acidic when consumed. However, water that is alkaline can do the opposite and tastes better too.

Consuming alkaline water can cause the body to become more alkaline, which many health practitioners believe yields a ton of health benefits.

Understanding The pH Scale

benefits of drinking alkaline water litmus stripsWhat is all this stuff about pH? Well it’s surprisingly easy to figure out. To test pH, a simple pH strip can be dipped in water and then the color is compared to a pH scale that assigns the color a numeric value.

The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14 with 7 indicating a neutral pH. Anything below 7 is considered acidic. Anything above 7 is considered alkaline (also called basic).

Pure water is supposed to be neutral, meaning it would have a pH of 7. However, most tap water is not pure and contains additives and other metals from the piping. It often ends up testing as acidic, even when the water left the treatment plant as neutral.

How Acidic Substances Affect the Body

In the same way that acidic water causes more corrosion in pipes, it also has a corroding effect on the body once consumed.

Think of your arteries as pipes and your blood as the fluid that goes through them. Blood happens to contain 55% of plasma, which is mostly water. The more liquid and watery, the better it is to move through your pipes.

However, when the body gets acidic, cholesterol builds up and clogs up the works. In an attempt to neutralize the acidity of the body, minerals like sodium, potassium, and calcium are “borrowed” from bones and teeth to buffer the pH of the body. This ends up draining minerals from the body and making it more susceptible to diseases.

Acidic environments tend to be low on oxygen too. This produces a state of “fermentation” in the body that changes glucose into lactic acid. Acidosis can be the result which leads to fatigue and disease and a lowered immune system.

Not to mention your blood can get sluggish and your blood pressure goes up. It’s like having clogged pipes! Of course, anything that gets it running more smoothly will help you, including alkaline water.

Creating an Alkaline Environment is Key to a Good Immune System

An alkaline environment in the body is oxygen-rich and helps the body to fight disease. Benefits of drinking alkaline waterIt helps to reduce highly acidic conditions, like acid reflux.

Untreated, acidosis is also known to impact the creation of diseases like diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, and high blood pressure. Thus, the idea is to drink more alkaline water to help reduce the acidity of the body and create a more healthy environment.

Not only will the water help flush things out, but alkaline water in particular will also lower the pH of the body which caused the acidic environment in the first place.

So What Are The Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water?

Alkaline water has a pH of 8.0 or 9.0. While there are only a few medical studies that have investigated the health claims of drinking alkaline water, there are numerous benefits, according to those who engage the practice.


Okay, maybe it’s obvious, but it shouldn’t be underestimated. Good hydration can improve theBenefits of drinking alkaline water hydration body’s performance tremendously.

Regular water will also hydrate you, but alkaline water is said to be a little more “hydrating” because ionization makes it easier to absorb into the body than regular water. The water molecule clusters are said to be smaller than regular water, making it easier to absorb, and thus “super hydrating.”

Also, the fact that you’re focusing on drinking alkaline water makes one more conscious of getting those eight glasses of water in a day.


It’s not solely because hydrating the body reduces wrinkles, although that’s certainly a huge benefit. Alkaline water is said to act on the body like an anti-oxidant.

Water that is ionized tends to have extra electrons. benefits of drinking alkaline waterThese seek out the free radicals in the body and effectively neutralize them, converting these elements into oxygen. More oxygen and less free radicals helps keep your body feeling younger and looking younger.

Creates an Alkaline Environment

One thing that most cancer patients have in common is that they have a very acidic body pH. It’s believed by some natural health practitioners that by creating an alkaline environment in the body, cancer cannot exist.

While there isn’t enough information to substantiate that type of claim, it is known that a normal, healthy, person’s pH tends to be alkaline.

Detoxes Acid from Your System

People with acid re-flux or who are prone to kidney stones do show some improvement as a benefit of drinking alkaline water. Since the conditions result from excess acidity in the body, it’s believed that flushing the extra acid out of the body and replacing it with alkaline water helps specific people with diseases already known to be affected by acidity in the body.

However, anyone can use alkaline water to detoxify themselves the same way.Benefits of drinking alkaline water detox

Increases Energy Reserves

This claim is made due to the fact that drinking alkaline water increases the oxygen level in the blood, leading to a sense of higher energy reserves.

Some waters may also have additional minerals, particularly if the alkaline water comes from a natural source like a mountain spring. However, even water that undergoes ionization to make it alkaline is said to have a similar effect on energy.

Improves Cholesterol

Acidic environments increase the bad cholesterol, clogging up arteries, in a natural attempt to neutralize the acid. By changing the body’s environment to alkaline, the bad cholesterol does not build up as fast as it would in an acidic environment. This helps to reduce cholesterol in the blood.

Preserves Important Minerals in Bones and Teeth

Unlike acidic tap water, the body doesn’t try to compensate for imbibing alkaline water by leaching important minerals from bones and teeth. This helps an individual to reduce the possibility of osteoporosis or breaking and chipping of fragile teeth.

If the alkaline water is also fortified with minerals it can help supplement the body’s need for specific minerals even as it preserves them in the bones and teeth.

Cleanses the Colon and Other Organs

When the body becomes dehydrated, one of the first organs to be deprived of liquids is the colon. The brain has to choose what organs will receive needed hydration more than others and the colon is just not seen as important as other organs. Which also leads to constipation.

By adding alkaline water into the diet, the body is hydrated at a higher level, due to the smaller molecules, leading to a cleansing effect for the colon and other organs.

Makes for Faster Muscle Recovery After Exercising

You may wonder why your muscles burn after exercising. It’s because a buildup of lactic acid. However, if you’re drinking alkaline water, it works better than regular water to flush the lactic acid from the muscles.

This makes recovery time much faster after your fitness routines. Since muscles are less fatigued, exercising endurance is increased too.

Can Help With Weight Loss

While it’s common to substitute water for sugary drinks when on a diet, it’s a whole new level of weight loss when the substitution is done with alkaline water.

Alkaline water has that “super hydrating” effect that will make you feel fuller and thus less hungry. In that respect, it’s almost like taking an appetite suppressant.

Since many people on diets use sugar substitutes that are acidic, the alkaline water can neutralize that effect.

Lubricates Muscles and Joints

benefits of drinking alkaline waterMuscles and joints need even more water as people age. The matrix around muscles and joints are like sponges that need lubrication to work at their best.

However, most people drink teas and coffees that tend to be a diuretic, causing them to be dehydrated instead of hydrated. By drinking alkaline water on a regular basis, the matrix around muscles and joints get more hydrated, and becomes more supple, and starts to feel better.

People with rheumatoid arthritis can really benefit from drinking alkaline water on a regular basis.

Reduces Blood Pressure

Dehydration causes the blood to get thicker making it harder to pump through the arteries. This makes the heart have to work harder.

However, if you’re super-hydrated, the opposite is true and alkaline water can help reduce blood pressure. It not only keeps you hydrated, but the effect it has on lowering bad cholesterol can also help in reducing your blood pressure as well.

Regenerates the Skin

The skin is the biggest organ in the body. And the body absorbs some nutrients through the skin. When you drink alkaline water, the molecule clusters are smaller making it easier for the skin to absorb nutrients in the water or in food.

This helps to regenerate the skin and can help you look and feel younger.

Curing Hangovers

Out of all the benefits of drinking alkaline water, curing hangovers might be the most surprising.

Many of the symptoms of a hangover, like dehydration, muscle aches, and headaches can be alleviated by drinking more water. Alkaline water may not cure a hangover, but it will get you feeling better faster than regular water.

It can also detox the alcohol from your system faster, and over time, it will do the job and you’ll be back to normal.

Headache cure benefit of drinking alkaline waterNeed more information on curing hangovers? Check out our article on natural hangover cures here.

Cure a Headache

Headaches can be the result of dehydration. Alkaline water, with the smaller molecules, is absorbed into the body faster than regular water and can cure a headache faster.

Even if you are taking a pain reliever, the water is still going to deliver that medicine in a speedier manner than regular water.

Where Can I Get Alkaline Water?

Alkaline water can be made using a electrolysis procedure to ionize the water, creating spare electrons. Benefits of drinking alkaline water ionizer This can be done using a simple alkaline water ionizer that sits perfectly on the counter as a part of your kitchen sink system.

However, alkaline water can also come naturally from springs with a high pH.

In addition, adding certain substances to water can increase the pH of water and make it alkaline, like the juice of a lemon.

The alkaline water made by ionization creates excess electrons that are key in getting the most benefits of alkaline water listed here.